Physiotherapy and its application

Physiotherapy and its application

The aim and objective of physiotherapy is helping to restore the movements and normal body function in case of illness along with injuries and disability.

It is carried out for healing specific problem. The therapists might also suggests ways of improving your general well being as for example by taking regular workouts and maintaining a healthy weight along with height and help in proper building.

The therapists take a holistic approach at the body as a whole rather than focusing on the individual factors of an injury or particular illness. The person being treated is being directly involved in their own care.

The therapy often releases an individual from varied stress kike back pain that can be caused due to numerous things like that of poor posture along with inherited spinal deformity, bending and twisting and over stretching at the same time standing for a longer period of time as said by varied individuals providing services relating to Physiotherapy in Dublin.

A therapist will look at the problem and the situation from close proximity, they might suggest a few things that you can do on a daily basis and relieves pain and discomfort. They might also give you advice about how to prevent the injury re-occurring.

As of instance if an individual is suffering from lower back pain and maintaining good posture and doing core stability and workouts in strengthening the stomach and lower back muscle might help.

As of the approaches are concerned the therapists use wide range of treatment and methodology some of which are as follows

  • Movements and workouts- Improves mobility and strengthens the muscles
  • Manual therapy- Relives pain, improves blood circulation

Other techniques like  Acupuncture and electrical nervous system are one of the method which can bring about wonders for several

Lymphatic massage and its benefits

Lymphatic massage and its benefits

Lymphatic massage is also termed as lymphatic drainage or manual lymph drainage, a mode of operation which developed in the country of Germany and later expanded to other parts of the world and now has become extremely popular in the country of United Kingdom.

It is a delicate massage light from favouring the flow of the lymph. It is based on the on the light rhythmic and constant movements only touching the skin along with the non-perceptible pressure, being so fine the patient might perceive it as useless, but after couple of session or three session later the benefits can be seen.  A lymph massage session lasts for nearly one hour as said by individuals providing optimal Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Dublin.

Unlike the blood the lymph is not pumped through the heart moving slowly due to stimulation from the muscles contraction. The lymph is quite white liquid flowing throughout our body inside the lymph vessels collecting wastes and varied toxins that cannot be absorbed through the blood capillaries vessels.

In certain point called nodes along with the lymph is cleaned. Nodes are found in the groin underarm and neck, in the vein angle formed by the jugular and subclavicular veins. The main point of draining for our body toxins and liquids.

The massage starts from the neck from this terminus point towards the ears followed from the centre of the face towards the lateral areas as always finishing with application of light pressure on the ears and temples. The finish in the concerned areas is from the forehead to the neck.

In the hand and arms extra pressure must be made in the underarm and always ascending towards the heart. In the feet one is sure to feel optimal repose and outmost relaxation when this pressure is being applied on the body.